Hiring peripheral services seeks a reduction of internal costs making best use the knowledge and expertise of external companies. Coutinho Neto & Orey has technical and specialised staff responsible for performing the inherent tasks to Financial and Human Resources, in:

  • Traditional Outsourcing;
  • Bundled Outsourcing.

Financial Consulting

The financial consulting team of Coutinho, Neto & Orey aims to provide its clients a tailored solution for a better financial performance. 

Coutinho Neto & Orey provides the following options for improved financials:

In-house developed projects:

  • Analytic and general accounting;
  • Periodic analyst reports;
  • Management support;
  • Fiscal and legal reporting;

Mixed projects - Coutinho, Neto & Orey overseeds and guides the client:

  • Work placement in client location to support financial reporting;
  • Periodic analyst reports;
  • Management Support;
  • Accountancy chartership.

Outsourcing - Coutinho, Neto & Orey provides permanent staff in client’s location:

  • Accountancy and financial reporting;
  • Balance sheet and cost centre organization;

Personnel Management 

Coutinho, Neto & Orey provides a service to meet client’s specific needs either based in own location or in-house. These services include:

  • Payroll;
  • Administrative personnel management;
  • Social security and tax;
  • Statistical analysis.