Coutinho, Neto & Orey is accredited by the DGERT and all its coaches and trainers are accredited by the I.E.F.P.. Aiming at the specific needs of the company, Coutinho, Neto & Orey is fully qualified to apply the following training cycle:

  • Diagnosis of the training needs
  • Training Plan 
  • Conception of training programs 
  • Organisation and monitoring of training courses 
  • Training Assessment 

Coutinho, Neto & Orey’s training plans rely on methodologies that combine the company’s experience with the specific clients’ needs. Coutinho, Neto & Orey has developed flexible programs that target the needs in question. 

At Coutinho, Neto & Orey, we give priority to dynamic activities, the usage of case studies and role playing scenarios, as a method of better and faster learning.