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Job TitleCountryPlaceTypeDateExpires in
Site Manager (m/f)PTLuandaFull-Time2022-09-282022-10-15
Técnico Administrativo RH (m/f)PTLisboaFull-Time2022-09-212022-10-08
Técnico(a) Formador(a) do Ensino Secundário – Língua Portuguesa (m/f) PTBissauFull-Time2022-09-202022-09-30
Técnico de Contabilidade (m/f)PTLuandaFull-Time2022-09-202022-10-04
Contabilista Certificado (m/f)PTSintraFull-Time2022-09-062022-09-30
Assistente Comercial (m/f) - LisboaPTLisboaFull-Time2022-09-062022-10-31
Director de Obra (m/f)PTLisboaFull-Time2022-08-162022-09-30
Técnico para a Área Funcional de Medidas de Auto Proteção (m/f)PTLisboaFull-Time2022-09-212022-10-15
Técnico Superior de Segurança no Trabalho (m/f) - PortoPTPortoFull-Time2022-09-212022-10-15
Responsável de Armazém (m/f)PTSintraFull-Time2022-08-222022-09-30
Key Account Manager (m/f)PTLisboaFull-Time2022-09-202022-10-09


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We use methods tailored to the function's profile, considering the context of the organization in which the candidates are placed.

Recruitment & Selection

We aim to future and focus on quality. Our mission is to recruit and select the most suitable candidates for each position.

As stakeholders in multicultural environments, we have a solid background that allows us to develop, with a high degree of effectiveness, recruitment and selection processes adapted to several realities.

In Recruitment and Selection, we use methods adjusted to the candidate profile and the type of role, as well as, organizational culture.


  1. Full scope Recruitment and Selection
  2. Skills Profile Analysis
  3. Aptitude Tests
  4. Assessment