SINCE 1987

Coutinho, Neto & Orey, in the market since 1987, is known as one of the most prestigious companies in its area.

Acting in a tight partnership with its clients, has long-term collaborations with companies from several sectors as bank, modern distribution, oil & gas, insurance, industry, agriculture, logistics and automotive industry.

Coutinho, Neto & Orey acts based on three pillars as main support:

  1. rigorous ethical standards;
  2. high level of professionalism;
  3. personalized customer service.

It’s through these values and being aware that the effectiveness of organizations it depends on how well managed Human Resources are, we use methods and techniques of high reliability in our different areas of activity. Thus, we find certain solutions for prestigious Organizations. Therefore, our experience of more than 30 years in projects of different dimensions in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, has been of a major importance.

Achieve Goals and Results


In all our professional relations and partnerships, we’re driven by our Code of Conduct:

    Ethical behavioral high standards
    Creativity at the service of results.
    It promotes performance.
    Social and Environmental Responsibility
Deep knowledge, valuable vision, transparent advice, compromise of adding value to our clients.