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Inteligência Emocional: Factor de Sucesso Profissional2024-06-202024-06-218hPortugalLisbon
Gestão e Fidelização de Clientes2024-09-052024-09-068hPortugalOnline
Marketing Pessoal2024-09-122024-09-138hPortugalOnline
Onboarding: a importância do acolhimento e integração2024-09-162024-09-176hPortugalOnline
Offboarding: a importância da entrevista de saída2024-09-272024-09-274hPortugalOnline
Como avaliar o potencial das Equipas2024-10-032024-10-046hPortugalOnline
Desenvolvimento de Competências Emocionais2024-10-102024-10-118hPortugalOnline
Organização do Trabalho e Gestão do Tempo2024-10-172024-10-188hPortugalOnline
Técnicas de Apresentação em Público2024-10-242024-10-258hPortugalOnline
Planeamento e Condução de Reuniões2024-11-042024-11-056hPortugalOnline
Qualidade e Excelência de Atendimento2024-11-142024-11-158hPortugalOnline
Desenvolvimento de Comunicação Oral e Escrita2024-11-252024-11-2616hPortugalOnline
Desenvolvimento de Competências Relacionais2024-12-052024-12-068hPortugalOnline
Desenvolvimento de Eficácia Pessoal2024-12-122024-12-138hPortugalOnline
Inteligência Emocional: Fator de Sucesso Profissional2024-12-162024-12-178hPortugalOnline

Accredited Training

CNO is an accredited training entity both in Portugal and Angola.

When it comes to the training needs of the skill portfolio of individuals within companies, CNO can develop and implement a training full circle:

Training Cycle

  • Diagnosis of Training Needs

  • Training Planning

  • Training programmes CONCEPTION

  • MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING of training courses

  • Training ASSESSMENTS

Coutinho, Neto & Orey training courses are designed using methodologies that combine our experience with the needs of organizations.

Coutinho Neto & Orey has been designing flexible program content which is easily adaptable to the specific needs of each service.

We prefer active and practical methodologies, and, whenever possible, using day-to-day cases. We use technical instruments such as role-playing, simulations and other appropriate pedagogical techniques.

Training Catalogue